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BLACK MAMBA slithers its way to the south of Taiwan

The Black Mamba range of gourmet chilli products is now available in the South of Taiwan!

Cimacolle Co. Ltd. is the sole importer of Black Mamba and is pleased to announce the appointment of Pangea International Co. Ltd. trading as CHILL OUT CHILLI as its sub-distributor for the Black Mamba product range.
 Based in Chiayi City, Pangea Int. Co. Ltd. will be responsible for the Black Mamba sales and marketing throughout the South of Taiwan. CHILL OUT CHILLI will delight chilli lovers in central and southern Taiwan with "Taste Black Mamba" interactive events.
   The proprietors are true chilli heads with experience in the food industry and a passion for real, “no added nonsense” products.
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黑嬤嬤產品: 到嘉義了!

黑嬤嬤(Black Mamba)系列美食辣椒產品, 現在已經在南台灣提供。
義嵿好食(Cimacolle Co. Ltd.) 很高興宣布攀吉亞有限公司(Pangea International Co. Ltd.)為黑嬤嬤(Black Mamba)產品系列的經銷商。 Pangea的總部設在嘉義,將負責整個台灣南部的Black Mamba銷售和市場營銷。 所有人是辣椒的愛好者,其在食品行業中具有豐富的經驗,並且熱衷於真正的“無添加”產品。

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